Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
The age of exploration Was when Europeans want to trade with Asia between 1450-1650. It was a huge improvement after Marco Polo's stories came out, but befor that there was Alexander the Great. He was famous for being a strong commander and for conquering some of Asia, Egypt  and India.
         ll.Early Life
Alexander the third A.K.A Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia, Greece in 356 B.C.E.When he was young he had a tutor. He was tutored by a greek philosopher. When Alexander became a teenager he tamed a dangerous horse to ride into battle. Also he joined his father’s (Philip the lll ) army and became commander.
      lll. Journey's
Alexander's journeys were to conquer all the land he could so he can expand his empire to take over India and other Areas to finish what his father had started. He conquered and journeyed for his dead father and for his home Macedonia, Greece.
               lv.End of Life
Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C.E. People think that it was because he had a disease, and just drank too much alcohol, but no one knows.


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