Pegasus The Flame Of Olympus : My book project

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 This is a picture of my book I am doing for a book project. It's about the roman myths. A monster called a Nirads came and attacked Olympus. All the gods went into battle causing a major black out and storm. Pegasus went down to earth on a mission and paelen a god went down to grab pegasuse's golden bridle, but when he did both of them were struck by lightning! Pegasus crash  landed on Emily's roof very hurt and injured.
                         I recommend that all of you read this series and enjoy it because I definitely did. It has a very jaw dropping ending that will make the audience go wow. I seems as if it was photographed right there in the moment but no it was not. I love the way the author wrote this book it is just so stunning.
      Here is a link to a site that gives a bit of information about the author Kate O' Hearn
Kate O' Hearn information website