Discovery Activity

                                                         Dicovery Into
Discovery Into In my class at school we are doing discovery.It is a activity where you colonize in a new world. The point is to get lots of land and food and survive.You came from ether France or England and you have a reason to go.
                                                       Discovery Activity
 You are in a group of 5 people and we all have a persona and a job. There is 5 jobs, Governor, Auditor, Recorder, Trader, and Mapper. When you start you will pick a group and your persona. After you will choose your job. Your persona is the character you will pretend to be. The Governor makes most of the decision. When you start sailing the governor will draw the first card. It will tell you what happened. All the other people will go drawing cards in this order. Governor, Auditor, Recorder, Trader and Mapper. When you get to land you will get a sheet where you will plan which adults will farm hunt and fish. You will still draw cards, but this time everyone has their own card to draw. Governor draws the weather card. The Auditor draws the farming card. The Recorder draws the hunting card. The Trader draws the Fishing card, and the Mapper draws the general welfare. These card will tell you what happened on fishing, farming, and hunting. Later on on round six your group trader will start trading. Your governor will choose what you will trade. At the beginning of trading you can only trade for land with the Native Americans, and when you get to round ten you can trade with other colonies. Also at round ten you can attack the Native American or other colonies. I personally think it’s a great learning experience.

 Here is One of my diary entries of my personas diary
                                                     Diary Entry
 Dear Diary, This Wednesday we leave for the bright ocean. I had Mother help me pack the pastries. I have convinced Sister Bell and Cosine Brook to come with me to the new world.I am worried that something bad will happen.I am still so excited. I love the sound of crashing waves. I am glad I can get away from the craziness of royalty. Always “Do this,” or “Be that”. Always Proper, Proper, PROPER! It can be a blessing and a curse. I just love to sneak away and do some sword fighting practice and play in the water and mud. wish me luck.
                                            Signed Penelope