My Myth

                                                      My Myth
                                              Here is my myth.

                                                Story of the Stars

Once upon a time, in the future. Humans had killed the stars. All the stars were gone.Years passed until one day a flaming ball came flying into space. Let me back up.
There was a place called  Zandu, it was a sanctuary for animals and plants about to go into extinction. It was ruled by a kind , caring people called  Zan, with power so powerful that you can not image them. One day they decided  they should  leave until  Zandu was in danger. They would wait for a Zan that was late, my name was Riza, but I did not make it. I tried to follow my family by sending myself into the cosmos as well and flew into the night sky to become the first star.
I am was stronger than a god. All this time in space alone I wanted company but all I had was the cruel darkness god (Who kept flirting with me). I decided that I would make some animals to accompany me!
And when I did me and the animals  were happy to have each other, but dark the darkness god was not. That night he covered the animals in darkness and the animals suffocated protecting me. So this time I did not know what to do. Suddenly the idea came to me.
I could make something that can survive without air and can survive darkness. So I created stars. Flaming balls of hydrogen and helium. The can survive anything and people on earth  are speechless as well as the Olympians. Everyone calls me the sun.
The Olympians invited me to  Olympus to stay and kindly joined them and live happily ever after.
           The  End


  1. I like zan is powerfull but the flash is better

  2. I really like your post I don`t want to stop maybe you can make more on your story


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