What I Do in My Spare Time

                                                        What I Do in My Spare Time
             In my spare time at home I play the violin. It started one day in kindergarten my friend Rosie and her friend Kai played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin and immediate I LOVED the sound!! So I asked if I could play the violin and later on I did. Anyways a violin is not a easy interment to play. A small one has 4 strings but when you get a full sized one it will have 5 strings. You will have to get a bow. You pull the bow across the strings. and it makes a beautiful sound. You can play folks songs, a Mozart or Beethoven, and even a pop song! Cool right? My teachers name is Michaela BorthHere is a link to a page about her.
Here is a picture of a violin and bow. 

                                                                                What I learned
                                              I learned that
                                      1. Playing a instrument is NOT easy.
                        2. In 5th grade at my school you have too play a instrument and it could be helpful to have all ready played a instrument. The violin is a instrument that at first is pretty hard but as you progress it gets easier. As for me same thing, and I learned that the hard way.
                                                              What does it tell about me
             This tells you that I like music, and enjoy doing after school activity's. But it's true I do like music and do enjoy doing some after school activity's. I used to swim but changed to start climbing, but never mind that. I do some different after school activity's and also I do a lot of fun stuff like skiing, swimming, and violin.


  1. I do climbing too!!!! What are the names of the songs you learned??

  2. I really like your post! I also play instruments, alto saxophone and piano. How long have you been playing the violin? I have been playing the piano for six years and I just started saxophone this year! (2017)


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