Animal field guide work

Animal Field Guide Work

So far in the school year we have done many projects but my favorite so far was the animal study.

We got packets and filled in the animals that lived in the habitat that we picked. Then we had to wright down there weight and size. I picked the Rain forest.  You have to fill out the packet and then draw a picture of the habitat. Then you fill out animal profile pages. You also have to fill out a profile page for your self.

My favorite animal that I learned about was the Ocelot.
They are a huge cat and they way about 44 pounds. They are very fast cats. We also did a second packet where we did even more about there size and weight. I learned a lot about there weight, size
diets, the habitat and more

      It was so much fun. I hope you like animals as much as i do! What is your favorite animal? Mine is a kitten! I like this project because we got to research animals! Here is a picture