My Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving Break

                     I had a very good Thanksgiving. I didn't do very much but I had lots of fun. I mostly hung around my house and worked a little bit on getting my mini society stuff. I mean, at least i did something. I watched television, went on a hike, ate ice cream etc. I started working a little bit on manufacturing my mini society stuff but decided to wait to do the rest at school. (For those who do not know what mini society is then here is a link to what it is about,

I also got my Christmas tree up at my moms house on the Thanksgiving weekend. We got out our Christmas boxes out and hung tinsel, lights, garland, stockings, ornaments, and we got out our Christmas mugs, hats, and Christmas books.

 But on Thanksgiving I went to my moms boyfriends house and ate with his family. We drove for around a half an hour drive and then we hung out until all the family got there. Then they prepared food. After that we ate and the we went home. And so that officially concludes my Thanksgiving break