Our field trip

Our Field Trip

      On Friday last week we went on a field trip to the Denver museum of nature and science. We did a forensic lab. We also did some mystery work books.

         In the forensic lab we had to basically figure out how to save this poisoned lady called Dr.Lopez. We had to figure out how to find what kind of poison she was poisoned with and after we had to find a way to open a box to get more clues. So it was kind of like a break out but with boxes. I thought the forensic lab was very fun and entertaining.

        Our mystery work book was called the Crystal cavern. We answered a lot of questions to get a answer to a main question. Our groups main question was, "how did we make it look bigger?". Parts of the words spelled our answer. We found out that our answer is "two mirrors". In the back of the cavern made of crystals there was 2 mirrors to make it look bigger than it actually is. This was one of my favorite part of the field trip. I recommend you to do it.

I think that the field trip was very fun.
here is a link to the Denver museum of nature and science's website