Baking, my thing to do in free time


Everyone can cook but only the fear less can be great - chef gusteau
            In my free time, I love to bake and cook. I'm not very good yet but I will keep trying. I have a Huge passion for baking and cooking. I hope to work in a bakery someday. Go check out my baking blog.

         At one point  I did a project called a passion project where you do a project on your passion. So obviously I chose baking. I made my own recipes that went into my own cookbook/notebook. It was so much fun.

                   There are many more projects that involve baking or cooking like DIY ice cream rolls,cakes , decorated cookies and more


  1. HI my name is Marianna and i'm from California. I love to bake and cook as well. What's your favorite thing to bake?

  2. My favorite thing to bake are cookies or cake but i always like to try new things too.


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