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Free Rice

This week for the blogging challenge we have to think about a project about a world problem. I played a game called free rice. Free rice is a vocabulary game. For every question you answer right you gain 10 grains of rice. All the rice you earn is donated to hungry people who can't afford there own food. The ads they put up are the sponsors that pay for the rice. Here is the link to the game Free Rice:  We are supposed to write a review so here is mine.
      I think that this game can help solve many problems in the world for people. A lot of people struggle with homelessness or hunger. Free Rice helps with world hunger because even rice can help a hungry family. So go play this game and P.S. if you have an ad blocker please disable the ad blocker on that page or website. If you want another way you and your parents can help stop world hunger is by donating to this website.


World hunger is a big challenge in Africa, many families struggle with this problem daily. Many people want to help stop world hunger but some people just don't care. Nutritious foods in a good amount are good for everyone but especially for children. Every second a person dies of hunger. Right now, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger. This means that 1 in every 6 people on Earth doesn't get enough food to live a healthy good life. Approximately 3.1 million children die every year. Poor nutrition caused nearly half. 


  1. Hi Paige. My name is Justine and I'm a teacher in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.
    World hunger has been such a huge issue for so many years now. From the time I was very young, (at that's AGES ago!), I wanted to be able to do something to help. There's so much publicity around hunger issues but I don't think we seem to be doing a huge amount about it in reality. We can never give up though - the more people are made aware of the issue, the more we can start to do something more constructive about it. It never seemed to be much of an issue in New Zealand until recently - obviously not on the scale of Africa, but it is becoming more of a problem here. I think it's great to keep this conversation going and get people to be more aware and try to do something about it.
    I've played Free Rice before - quite a few times - but had forgotten about it recently. Thanks so much for reminding me about it. It's one way that we can help. I like your links to the other website too. (Don't forget to add in where you got your statistics and sources of information - that will help people take more notice of what you're trying to achieve and it's a good habit to get into when you're writing). Keep up the great work - it's fantastic that you have such a great social conscience at a young age. We need more of that.

  2. Thanks for your comment and i am glad to have someone as passionate about world hung as i am. I was really hoping somebody will see this post and understand how important it is to solve this problem


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